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It’s easy to get lost, discouraged and misled in piecing together a water solution for those you serve.

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Whether it’s thumbing through our growing database of World Thirst Solutions, or utilizing our consultancy services for designing, recommending, and implementing your project needs, we’re glad to connect with you and join in serving the most vulnerable!


Why World Thirst Solutions?


Committed to our ever-evolving solutions database, we will only represent products for their appropriate applications and guarantee to get you the lowest price available.


We are here to share our knowledge bank and advise your team on which solutions to consider as you seek to most efficiently serve your people access to safe water.


We navigate the often times confusing process of communication with manufacturers, inventors & reps, so you don’t have to (unless you want to of course!).

Our Suite of Solutions 

With hundreds of water technologies available across the globe, we’re sharing our growing database of those solutions which have proven reliability, a sturdy reputation and offer good value.







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